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Networking Event and Participants' retreat
To complement the conference research sessions and to facilitate networking among conference participants, the following networking event and participants retreat program have been arranged.    Please see the important disclaimer at the bottom of this page

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

A tour through the world famous Egyptian Museum of  Egyptology.  An exquisite collection of ancient artifacts.  
This includes:
  • Tour to the Egyptian Museum
  • Professional tour guide
  • Entry fee for Tourists
  • Registration and entry of personal photo Camera
Rates:  US $ 15

Date : to be announced


Important Disclaimer

the above programs and packages are provided as a courtesy to the participants at the 11th IBIMA conference.  Neither IBIMA nor the conference organizers are affiliated in any form with any travel agency.  Any travel agency assumes full responsibility of all travel tours it organizes, the rates provided, and the fulfillment of all its obligations.  Neither IBIMA nor the 11th IBIMA conference will be held responsible in any form with any activity related to the above mentioned tours and/or programs.

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