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Conference Program

Conference Hotel

InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel in Cairo is the location for the 11th IBIMA ConferenceLocated in the heart of the city, the hotel is a historical landmark offering distinctive accommodation in elegant surroundings.  It provides the perfect balance of modern luxury and ancient charm.  InterContinental Semiramis Hotel is part of world famous Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts chain and is located on the banks of the Nile. A short walk away from the fascinating Museum of Egyptology and close to the city’s commercial and entertainment districts, this combination of old and new gives a ‘best of both worlds’ experience to visitors who prefer investigating history in fine style.

Please click on the Hotel link above for more details and directions.  For reservations: Reservation form

Hotel Address
Corniche El Nil,
P.O. Box: 60,
11511 Cairo, Egypt                         
Tel: +20 (2) 2795 7171
Within Egypt Toll Free No: 0800 44 333 22            



Please note the following conference presentation guidelines
  • Each presentation has 15 min. followed by  5 min discussion. Session chairs will coordinate presentations in their respective sessions
  • There will be LCD projector available in every session room.  Please prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (to insure compatibility). Please note that Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 IS NOT backward compatible with PowerPoint 2003.  So, please make sure you have your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Save your files on a flash (USB) drive and on a CD just in case.  Also, it is highly recommended that you email your presentation to yourself on a web-based client (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) as a backup.  NO Floppy Disks OR Transparencies Please.
  • It would be a good idea to bring your own laptop for your presentation to insure that your paper is presented properly.
  • Every registered participant will be issued a name tag that he/she should wear at all times.  No one without name tag will be allowed into the conference area

Conference Program
Please use your browser find option to locate your name and session

Sunday Jan. 04, 2009                                                    8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday Jan 04, 2009                                                     8:45 am – 10:30 am

Session S1.1:
Nouvelle technologies dans les Organisations           Babylon 1        
Session Chair: Thomas Stenger

L’articulation entre la surveillance de l’environnement de l’enterprise et le systeme d’information: l’apport d’une approche systemique
Az-Eddine Bennani et Soulaimane Laghzaoui

Technologies convergentes et société: Spécificités, enjeux et implications
Nizar Chaari and Denis Harrisson

L’adoption des TIC par les banques tunisiennes: place de la culture d’entreprise
Chokri El Fidha, Amel Mallek Tarifa, and Mustapha Zghal

Dynamique et changement organisationnel pour le déploiement d’un système intranet : étude de cinq entreprises tunisiennes
Hadoussa Slim

L’enjeu du triptyque « Savoir – Culture – Stratégie » dans la formation de la rentabilité : le cas des industries manufacturières au Cameroun (IMC)
Jules Roger Feudjo

Session S1.2:  Innovation Management                                              Babylon 2
Session Chair: Ton Spil

Development of TQM  in Steel Manufacturers’ Production
Pekka Tervonen, Niko Pahkala, and Harri Haapasalo

Factors Influencing Consumer Intention to Cope with Technological Products Innovativeness
Nashwa Ahmed Mohamed Ghoneim

Analysing Micro-Innovation Processes: Universities and Enterprises Collaboration
Pertti Saariluoma, Esa Kannisto, and Tuomo Kujala

The Management and Exchange of Knowledge and Innovation In Environments of Collaborating Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
P.H. Osanna, N.M. Durakbasa, L. Crisan, and J. M. Bauer

Evolutionary paths of R&D Internationalization: The Case of Taiwanese Transnational Corporations
Louis Y. Y. Lu  and T. M. Chen

Session S1.3:  Knowledge Management                                                Babylon 3
Session Chair: Jawahitha Sarabdeen

Knowledge and Management
Carlos Romero-Uscanga

Critical Factors for Successful KM Initiatives in Project Background
Mian Ajmal

A Theoretical Framework for Knowledge Management Process: Towards Improving Knowledge Performance
Louay Karadsheh,Ebrahim Mansour, Samer Alhawari, Ghassan Azar, and Naser El-Bathy

Knowledge Management Implications on Business Education
Nisar Ahmed I. Mulla

HiKMas: Cultural Behavioural and ontology based approach towards a Holistic Knowledge Management System Design
Juhana Salim, Nurul Rafidza Muhamad Rashid, Yazrina Yahya, Abdul Razak Hamdan, Aziz Deraman, Mohd Shahizan Othman, Hazilah Mohd. Amin, and Akmal Aris

The Effects of Knowledge Process for Customer on the Achievement of Customer Knowledge Retention
Samer Alhawari, Amine Nehari Talet, Ebrahim Mansour, Haroun Alryalat, and Wa’el Musa Hadi

Coffee Break                                                             10:30 am – 11:00 am

Sunday Jan 04, 2009                                                     11:00 am – 12:45 pm

Session S2.1:  Systèmes d'Identification électronique                          Babylon 1  
Session Chair: Caroline Lancelot Miltgen

L’influence des agents virtuels sur la confiance des internautes vis-à-vis d’un site Web
Jean-François Lemoine and Jean-François Notebaert

Fourniture de données personnelles, respect de la vie privée et propension au mensonge sur Internet
Caroline Lancelot Miltgen et Wilfrid Azan

Les déterminants de la confiance dans le e-banking: le cas de la souscription à des services bancaires en ligne
Molka Abbes et Anne Julien

Session S2.2:  E-Business                                                                   Babylon 2
Session Chair: Murali Mohan Narasipuram

An e-Procurement Model for Logistic Performance Increase
Cristina Toma, Bogdan Vasilescu, and Catalin Popescu

Analysis Study of Culture’s Impact on E-Readiness Assessments in Developing Countries

Ali Nasser Al-Kinani and Badr M.N. Al-Besher

E-Consumer Redress Mechanism for Negligence in Malaysia: A Survey Analysis
Jawahitha Sarabdeen

Designing Usable Localised Websites: Differences between Western and Arab Cultures

Ali H. Al-Badi and Pam J. Mayhew

An exploratory study of the determinants of online trust and electronic commence activities in Egypt
Manal M. ElKordy

Session S2.3: Fuzzy Logic Applications                                               Babylon 3
Session Chair: Kifaya S. Qaddoum

Predicting Herding Trend by Fuzzy Logic
Amina Amirat, Nizar Hachicha, and Abdelfettah Bouri

Systems Usability: Application of Fuzzy Logic on iPod Systems Assessment
Luciana Jácome Basto Cordeiro, Luiz Fernando Ribeiro Parente Filho, Danilo Jusan Santos, Rodrigo Costa dos Santos, Walter Gassenferth, and Maria Augusta Soares Machado

Fuzzy Model of Artificial Kidney
Mashhour Bani Amer and L. Al-Ebbini

Fuzzy Knowledge Base System for Fault Tracing of Marine Diesel Engine
H.M. Abdul-Kader

Performance Evaluation of Symmetric Encryption Algorithms
D. S. Abdul. Elminaam, H. M. Abdul Kader, and M. M. Hadhoud

Conference Lunch                                                      12:45 pm – 2:00 pm

Sunday Jan 04, 2009                                                      2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Session S3.1: Communaute Virtuelle                                                    Babylon 1 
Session Chair: Az-Eddine Bennani

Les logiciels sociaux, une histoire ancienne, un développement nouveau
Bruno Salgues, Olivia Bernard, and Mélanie Blanchard

Proposition d’une Echelle de Mesure du Sentiment Envers une Communaute Virtuelle
Imène Ben Yahia

Les jeunes à travers les blogs personnels
Bruno Salgues and Olivia Bernard

Les jeunes face aux blogs et aux logiciels sociaux
Bruno Salgues et Olivia Bernard

Session S3.2:  E-Government                                                               Babylon 2
Session Chair:

Assessing Electronic Government Readiness of Public Organizations
Nahed A. Azab

Demographic Factors and Knowledge Sharing Quality among Malaysian Government Officers
Mohd Bakhari Ismail and Zawiyah Mohammad Yusof

Secure E-Voting Scheme through Polling Stations
Mohamed Abou-Rizka and Ahmed Shedeed

Modeling and Simulation of a Robust e-Voting System
Mohammad Malkawi, Mohammed Khasawneh, and Omar Al-Jarrah

The Development of myGeo-RS: a Knowledge Management System of Geodiversity Data for Tourism Industries
Aziz Deraman, Jamaiah Yahaya, Juhana Salim, Sufian Idris ,Dian Indrayani Jambari, Asraf Jaradat, Ibrahim Komoo, Mohd. Shafeea Leman, Tanot Unjah, Marilah Sarman, and Lim Choon Sian

Session S3.3: Data Mining, Software Engineering, and Neural Network           Babylon 3
Session Chair: Karim Bouzoubaa

Mining Student Evolution Using Associative Classification and Clustering
Kifaya S. Qaddoum

A New Framework for High Performance Processing of Voluminous Multisource Datasets
Rania M. Kilany, Reda.Ammar, S. Rajasekaran, and Wala Sheta

Performance of Encryption Techniques for Real Time Video Streaming
W.S. Elkilani and H.M. Abdul-Kader

A Novel Approach for Stock Market Prediction Using Automated Neural Network: Egyptian Stock Market Case Study
Waleed kablan, Abdel Fatah Hegazy, and Mohamed Aly Taha ElZeweidy

Weather Forecasting Using Different Neural Networks Classes
H. M. Abdul –Kader

Monday Jan. 05, 2009                                                    8:30 am – 3:00 pm


Monday Jan 05, 2009                                                     8:45 am – 10:30 am

Session M1.1: 
 La Gestion de l'Innovation, Stratégie, et la Performance des enterprises          Babylon 1    
Session Chair: Bruno Salgues

Formulation des besoins informationnels dans une activité complexe et dynamique: l’audit et le conseil en Système d’Information et Nouvelles Technologies
Boulesnane Sabrina et Bouzidi Laïd

Le concept d’agilité de l’entreprise et le rôle des Technologies d’Information: Concept of enterprise agility and role of Information Technology
Nizar Ben Gharsallah, Sonia Zouari, and Claire Gauzente

Impact de l’innovation sur la relation compétitivité - taille Application aux entreprises tunisiennes
Selma Katlane Ben Mlouka

Le contrôleur de gestion et les progiciels ERP: nouvelles perspectives ou nouvelles frontières
Tawhid Chtioui et Az-Eddine Bennani

Les Facteurs Incitant a l’Utilisation des Systèmes d’Information Ressources Humaines dans les Entreprises Marocaines
Karim Gassemi

Session M1.2: Online Collaboration and Social Networks                Babylon 2
Session Chair: N.M. Durakbasa

From Virtual Teams to Online Communities: Fostering Group Based Collaboration for Innovation and Knowledge Management
Michael Amberg, Michael Reinhardt, and Matthias Kittler

Effect of Social Network Type and Intensity on The Knowledge Performance of Groups
Yongseol Lee, Heejun Park, Yonsei and Seokhee Son

Consumer Behaviour on Social Networking Websites Users: An Exploratory Study on a French-Speaking Sample
Stéphane Bourliataux and Lajoinie Samantha Millet

Service Innovation in Online Recruiting
Elfi Ettinger and Bjoern Kijl

An Exploration of Individual Student Perceptions of Mastery of Knowledge in an Online Collaborative Context
Ronnie H. Shroff and Murali Mohan Narasipuram

Session M1.3: E-Business, Globalization, and Outsourcing                Babylon 3
Session Chair:  Violeta Sima

Distributed Java Mobile Information System
Ahmad Shukri Mohd Noor

Factors Affecting Continued Usage of Internet Banking Among Egyptian Customers
Dalia El- Kasheir, Ahmed S. Ashour, and Omneya M. Yacout

E-Business, Globalization, and Human Resource Management: An Examination of Trends, Definitions and Directions
Appa Rao Korukonda

Relevance to the outsourcing of activities Information Systems: A Case Study with ING Private Banking
Daniel Lang and Jean-Luc Pillet

Coffee Break                                                             10:30 am – 11:00 am

Monday Jan 05, 2009                                                     11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Session M2.1:  Logique Floue et les Réseaux de Neurones          Babylon 1  
Session Chair: Fawzi Dekhil

Prédiction de la structure 2D des protéines par les réseaux de neurones
Hafida Bouziane, Belhadri Messabih, and Abdellah Chouarfia

La prévision des difficultés bancaires: application d’une approche neuronale
Zina Essid, Manel Zribi, et Younes Boujelbene

Session M2.2:  Global Financial Crisis                                          Babylon 2 
Session Chair: Cécile Chamaret

Ain’t no Sunshine when the Boom is Gone: Questioning the Roots of Current Global Financial Crisis
Andreas Kern and Christian Fahrholz

Anticipation, Occurrence and Magnitude of Market Crashes
Patrick Leoni

Session M2.3: Arabic Information Processing                                Babylon 3 
Session Chair: Mohammad Malkawi

Using an Arabic ontology to improve the Q/A task
Lahsen Abouenour and Karim Bouzoubaa

English/Arabic Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) for Arabic OCR-Degraded Text
Tarek A. Elghazaly and Aly A. Fahmy

Naïve Bayesian Based on Chi Square to Categorize Arabic Data
Fadi Thabtah, Mohammad Ali H. Eljinini, Mannam Zamzeer, and Wa’el Musa Hadi

Monday Jan 05, 2009                                                     12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Keynote Speech                                                                              Babylon 1

Conference Lunch                                                        1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Monday Jan 05, 2009                                                     2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Session M3.1:  La Gestion de l'Innovation, Stratégie, et la Performance des enterprises II        Babylon 1
Session Chair: Régis Chenavaz

La Performance de la Gouvernance des TI: Vers le développement d’un cadre de recherché
Nizar Ben Gharsallah, Sonia Zouari, and Claire Gauzente

Information Systems and Trust: Issues for Live Cultural Performances
Danielle Bouder-Pailler and Leïla Damak

Les effets de l’identification au club, de l’exposition et de la familiarité au site web sur la mémorisation des e-sponsors : Une comparaison fan vs non fan
Fawzi Dekhil and Imed Zaiem

Les effets de l’encombrement de l’écran publicitaire sur la mémorisation et l’attitude du téléspectateur
Néji Bouslama et Jouda Esfaxi

Financial, Organizational and Macroeconomic Determinants of the Profitability of Tunisian banks
Chokri Mamoghli and Raoudha Dhouibi

Session M3.2:  E-Business II                                            Babylon 2
Session Chair: Appa Rao Korukonda

Enterprise search solutions: the new edge for information systems
Pierre-Jean Benghozi et Cécile Chamaret

Can E-Commerce measure globalization?
Abdalla Hamed, David Ball, Hillary Berger, and Pat Cleary

Factors Affecting Knowledge Flow between Head Quarters and Subsidiaries of a Global Corporation
Omneya Mokhtar Yacout

A Web Application: the On-line Store of the Publishing House from the “Petroleum-Gas” University of Ploiesti
Catalin Popescu, Tiberiu Stanescu, and Bogdan Vasilescu

Mobile Technologies in Tourism Destination Marketing
Mohamed Moustafa, Eleri Jones, Jason J. Williams and Richard Adlam

Session M3.3: ICT and Culture                                          Babylon 3
Session Chair: Carlos Romero-Uscanga

The Impact of Technology Development on Youth Consumption Culture: An Empirical Investigation French Teenage’ Use of Mobile Phone Device

Wided Batat

Text Entry Factors and Texting Satisfaction: An Analysis among Malaysian Users
Vimala Balakrishnan and Paul H.P.Yeow

Integrated Platform for R&D Information Systems: A Canadian Experience
Karim Bouzoubaa and Adil Hamdouna

The Evolution of the ICT Sector in Egypt – Partnership4Development
Sherif Kamel

The Strategic Concept of Spatial Development – Romanian Particularities
Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe and Violeta Sima

Research study concerning social impact of Complex Environmental Project
Augustin Mitu and Catalin Popescu

Coffee Break                                                                 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Monday Jan 05, 2009                                                     4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Session M4.1: La Gestion de l'Innovation, Stratégie, et la Performance des enterprises III        Babylon 1
Session Chair: Néji Bouslama

Quelles Conditions d’Efficacité pour les Cercles de Qualité ?
Régis Chenavaz

L’essor de la pensée stratégique en entreprise : Une (r)évolution à méditer
Mehrez Chaher and Anis Gnichi

La Place de la Technologie Dans l’Orientation Stratégique des Entreprises Orientées vers leur Marché
Ibtissam Abarar

Du management des projets au management stratégique par projets: Les projets au service de la stratégie
Selma Katlane Ben Mlouka et Hajer khedher Ouinniche

Processus stratégiques : des éléments clés pour comprendre l’après fusion : le cas Sanofi Aventis
Philippe Rebière

Qualité du service électronique, confiance en ligne et comportement d’approche : cas des sites web bancaires
Hajer Ben Lallouna Hafsia and Fatma Ezzahra Bakini Driss

Session M4.2: 
   ICT in Healthcare                                    Babylon 2
Session Chair: Cătălin Popescu

E-health Business Models: From pilot project to successful deployment
Ton Spil and Björn Kijl

Distributed Java Based Medical Imaging Informatics Model

Ahmad Shukri S Mohd Noor and Md Yazid Md Saman

Electronic System of Remote Access to Medical Records Anytime Anywhere
Ziad Hunaiti, Zayed Huneiti, Fahed Barakat, and Wamadeva Balachandran

Management of Medical Technology in Jordan
Mashhour M. Bani Amer and Samer S. Ammari

Contact Centres (Voice to Voice communication) and Customer Relationship Management
Muhammad Atif Khan

Session M4.3:  Corporate Performance Evaluation and business Intelligence           Babylon 3
Session Chair: Vimala Balakrishnan


The Romanian Entrepreneurial Venture Profile Types
Violeta, Sima and Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe

Intuitive Sales Force Behavior:  Theoretical Background and Empirical Investigation
Néji Bouslama

From Resource Planning Technologies to Business Intelligence: Case Study of Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions in Romania
Anca Gabriela Ilie, Dan Dumitriu, Roxana Sarbu, and Oana Antonia Colibasanu

Business Intelligence – A Helping Hand for the Strategic Management
Anca Gabriela Ilie, Dan Dumitriu, and Oana Antonia Colibasanu

IT Enabled CRM Process, Drivers, and Impact: Empirical Investigation in Egypt
Manal M. ElKordy and Omneya M. Yacout

The Opportunity for a Reconsideration of the Dimensions of the Assessment Model of the Customers Satisfaction
Violeta, Sima and Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe

Tuesday Jan. 06, 2009                                                    8:30 am – 11:00 am

Tuesday Jan 06, 2009                                                     8:45 am – 10:30 am

Session T1.1:  e-Business et l'Internet                                           Babylon 1
Session Chair: Laurent Bravetti

Relations inter- entreprises et processus d'intégration des systems: Cas du Web service
Ridha Ouni et Selma Daoues

Fracture numérique inter-Arabe : Raisons et Proposition d’une modélisation
Antoine Harfouche et Stephane Bourlitaux-Lajoinie

Acheter mieux en ligne grâce aux outils d’aide à la décision? Le cas des comparateurs d’assurance sur Internet
Thomas Stenger

Site Web et Choix D’une Destination Touristique le Tourisme Sante en Tunisie
Dhouka Oueld Oubey et Imed Zaiem

Session T1.2:  Small and Medium Enterprises                                  Babylon 2
Session Chair: Lejla Vrazalic

A Business Intelligence Model for SMEs Based on Tacit Knowledge
Moufida Sadok and Humbert Lesca

Examining IT Outsourcing Decisions and Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
Siew Fan Wong

Future Prospects of Small Scale Industrial Sector of Punjab: An Empirical Assessment
Sanjeev Gupta

Appropriate Marketing Strategies for Romanian SME for the Crisis Period
Violeta Sima and Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe

Electronic Commerce Adoption Barriers in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Developing Countries: The Case of Libya
Ziad Hunaiti, Ra’ed (Moh’d Taisir) Masa’deh, Mohammed Mansour, and Ahmad Al-Nawafleh

Session T1.3:  Cyber Warefare and Information Security                        Babylon 3
Session Chair: Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea

A Psychometrically Sound: Multidimensional Tool to Measure Internet Privacy and Security
Ernest Johnson

Information Security: End Users’ Perspective
Hongjiang Xu

An Orthogonal Method for Evaluating Security Levels, Measures and Deficiencies
Mohammad Malkawi and Abdullah AlShboul

Using GIS to Overcome Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Threats and Challenges
Tariq Rahim Soomro, Ghassan Al-Qaimari, and Hassan Wahba

Multi-Agents Conception of Logistic Network
Ines Ben Tekaya Mariem Gzara, and Béchir Ayeb

Coffee Break                                                             10:30 am – 11:00 am

Tuesday Jan 06, 2009                                                     11: am – 12:30 pm

Session T2.1:  CRM, PME, ERP, and Knowedlge Management                      Babylon 1
Session Chair: Stephane Bourlitaux-Lajoinie

Mise en oeuvre d’un projet CRM dans une enterprise: stratégie d’implémentation
Laurent Bravetti

Introduction d’une pratique de gestion, gestion par processus, en PME : Etude d’un cas de construction d’un tableau de bord prospectif d’une coopérative agroalimentaire
Yassine Louzzani

Vers de nouvelles ouvertures pour l’Orientation Marché : les apports du numérique
Maryam Ben Chehida and Marie-Christine Monnoyer

Design de l’organisation apprenante: Les conditions de développement de la ressource connaissance, en termes d’apprentissage et de partage dans l’organisation (Cas de NOKIA SIEMENS Networks Communication Competences Center)
Mouna Ben Chouikha

Session T2.2: Project Management                                       Babylon 2
Session Chair: Hongjiang Xu

Project Marketing Implementation and Its Link with Project Management and Project Portfolio Management
Laurence Lecoeuvre and Koninika Patel

Success Factors for an Information Systems Projects Team: Creating New Context
Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea

Proposal of A Framework to Assess International Aid Projects Implementation Readiness: Important Factors to Consider During The Analysis
Bangaly Kaba, Koffi N’Da, and Mama keita

Drawing out the Essential Business of Ports
Rasha Ismail Fady and Ian Beeson

The Effect of Knowledge Management Processes on project Management: An Empirical Study on Information Technology Industry in Jordan
abdel Naser Al-Zayyat, Firas Al-Khaldi, Ibrahem Tadros, Ghassan al-Edwan

Session T2.3:   E-Learning and ICT in Academia                                    Babylon 3
Session Chair: Ghassan Al-Qaimari

ERP Training and Evaluation: ERP Life-Cycle Approach to End-Users’ Characterization and Competency Building in the Context of an Oil & Gas Company
Fayez Ahmad Albadri and Salam Abdallah

The Effect of e-learning Approach on Students’ Achievement in Biomedical Instrumentation Course at Palestine Polytechnic University
Abdallah Arman, Taha El-Arif, and Abdul-latif Elgazzar

E-learning Barriers in the United Arab Emirates: Preliminary Results from an Empirical Investigation
Lejla Vrazalic, Robert MacGregor, and Donna Behl

Students' Attitudes Toward e-learning of a Biomedical Instrumentation Course in the Biomedical Engineering Program in PPU
Abdallah Arman, Taha El-Arif, and Abdul-latif Elgazzar

Use of ICT to design a teaching tool in heat conduction field
N.K khelalfa, Samira belhardj, A.Mahrouk, S.Dendah, T. Benabdellah, and S.E. Boudraa

End of Conference Activities

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Adel Danish

Chairman and CEO


Dr. Adel Danish is the Chairman and CEO of XCEED, a Telecom Egypt subsidiary that was established to act as its information technology arm in 2001. He began his career as a researcher at the IBM Scientific Center in Paris, France, going on to hold several technical and marketing positions within IBM. He founded STANDARDATA S.A. in France in 1978, and is the founder and co-founder of several other companies in the IT field in Egypt, France and the USA. Danish is also the author and co-author of several European and American patents in the areas of telecommunications and information technology. His remarkable track record in the IT industry has gained him enormous respect both nationally and internationally, and he has been invited to serve on the board of several local and international IT and business organizations and fora.

At the local level, Danish was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Telecom Egypt in June 2000 and also served on the Board of Directors of the Egyptian High Tech Association (EHITA), during the period 1998-1999. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the French University in Egypt since 1998.

Danish joined the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt in 1990, participating actively in AmCham’s Doorknock missions to the USA. He established the Chamber’s Information Technology Committee, which he chaired for two terms and is presently the new elected Vice President, Membership. He has also been affiliated to other business-oriented organizations in Egypt, as a board member of the Egypt-US Business (Presidential) Council in 2002 and serving as president of the Club d’Affaires Franco Egyptien (French Chamber of Commerce) in 1996 and 1997.

At the international level, Danish has co-chaired the Arab Business Forum for Information and Communications Technology (ABFICT) since 2001. He is also on the Business Steering Committee of the “Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce” (GBDe), where he played an active role as co-chairman for the Europe/Africa region from 2004 to 2005. Since 1999, Danish has been a member of the "Stockholm Challenge" Jury, evaluating best Internet projects worldwide. He was awarded the “Chevalier à l’Ordre National du Mérite” in France in 2000.



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