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ISBN:  978-0-9860419-7-6
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29th IBIMA Conference
Vienna, Austria
3 - 4 May 2017 



Mira Thoumy and Ghislaine Grace Avedikian,




Purpose – This study uses the dual-factor theory of Herzberg, the “motivation” factors and the “hygiene” factors in order to answer the research question. It seeks to discover what motivates the study’s population to rely on the BI system for decision making, and what hinders them.

Design/methodology/approach – It is a qualitative research involving two case studies that analyze the extent of use in decision making of the BI tool by ten employees in Operations, Sales, and IT from two Lebanese retail companies. 

Findings –We found that the main factor that motivates the use of BI tool in decision making is predictive analysis, and the main hygiene factor that refrain people from using the BI tool in their decision making is the need to solicit the services of the IT department in order to implement new reports.

Research limitations/implications – No research related to IT was done before using the dual factor theory. We have two cases studies and ten interviews which do not guarantee transferability. Can these particular findings be transferred to other type of firms or other departments?

Practical implications – This study can benefit the companies that have deployed or are considering to deploy a BI tool in terms of enhancing the factors that would motivate users to rely on the BI tool in their decision making and have mitigation plans for the factors that hinder the use of the BI tool in the decision making process.

Originality/value – We are witnessing today the emergence of numerous new technologies that claim to assist the employee or manager in daily processes; the value of our study is to support organization in understanding the characteristics of these new technologies and benefit faster from their potential by addressing the hygiene factors and making their employees rely faster on the BI tool.

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