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ISBN:  978-0-9860419-7-6
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29th IBIMA Conference
Vienna, Austria
3 - 4 May 2017 



Teodora Monica Fulga,




European culture and civilization have a Christian root both in the Western and in Eastern countries of the continent. Despite their very different historic evolutions, the European countries have managed to have common goals in the 20th century, with innovative currents being present in all areas of social life, religion included. The united Europe displays many differences and peculiarities. Northern Europe is predominantly Protestant, Central and Southern Europe is dominantly Catholic, while Eastern Europe is mostly Orthodox.
This comparative study aims to set out similarities and differences between the Romanian model and the traditional European models, but also compared to certain countries sharing the same values as Romania. This study formulates answers to a series of questions which are often present in political debates, civil society or media in Romania. They refer to the controversial definition of Romania as a secular state as well as to the opportunity of importing from the European models certain elements concerning the State-Church relationship. The criteria used for the comparison concern the legislative framework governing the state-church relation, legal status, autonomy, rights and funding of cults as well as the relation with the political environment.

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