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ISBN:  978-0-9860419-7-6
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29th IBIMA Conference
Vienna, Austria
3 - 4 May 2017 



Svetlana Morkovina, Tatyana Bezrukova, Irina Sibiryatkina, Nikolai Bukhtoyarov, Evgeniy Leontyev and Yulia Vertakova




The article represents the results of study of risk factors of entrepreneurship in forest sector. Complex and simple groups of risks, that determine the development of entrepreneurial activity in the field of forestry, are defined. The most dangerous risk factors are identified and their profile in relation to entrepreneurship in forestry is built. 
It is found that entrepreneurship in forest sector is a high-risk one.
Delphi approach has revealed complex risks which are inherent to business activities in forest sector. The impact of these risks should be considered when starting business. This will improve the level of control over individual types of risks and determine the possible ways of neutralization of their negative consequences.
Methodical approach to assessment of risk factors of entrepreneurship in forest sector is formulated, using two rating scales of the consequences value of risk activities and probability of risk.
It is established that the critical implications for business in forest sector are climatic and economic risks, as well as insufficient support measures for forest business at the state level.
The tendency for deterioration of the characteristics of forest business development is revealed, as a result of the influence of risk factors, activity of which leads to
- reduced number of forest business enterprises and employees;
- reduced production of forest products;
- increased loss of business activities.
The directions of entrepreneurship support in the forest sector as a system of measures at the state and regional levels are justified, by establishing a reasonable system of payments for timber, depending on silvicultural and ecological characteristics of the leased forest areas, their affordability, machines system used in timber business, creation of target trust fund for the development of entrepreneurship in forest sector to implement support activities of enterprises.

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