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ISBN:  978-0-9860419-7-6
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29th IBIMA Conference
Vienna, Austria
3 - 4 May 2017 



Peter Gallo, Kristína Šambronská, Daniela Matušíková, Anna Šenková and Jana Mitríková,




In recent years, Slovakia as a country aims to be well known as a final destination abroad. Presentation of such a destination is an important part of tourism and marketing activities should be dominant. The paper raises the issue of presentation of the Slovak Republic abroad in a selected period from Slovakia's accession to the EU to the years, when tourism in Slovakia was hit by the global economic crisis (2003-2010).
The main objective of the study is to describe, compare, distinguish and evaluate ways how Slovakia as a country was presented abroad in the selected period comparing neighbouring countries.
It is important to analyse the presentation of the state as a final destination and simultaneously from a historical perspective. Only on the basis of knowledge of the past (and its positives and errors), it is possible to move forward. Based on its effectiveness, the formation of reputation outside our country can be seen and it can naturally attract foreign tourists.

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